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AIDS drugs tested were thrown
Posted by :mohammad aurangzeb Level :state (Bihar ) Type :common Issue Category :Consumer affairs

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Narkatiaganj, own correspondent: near Municipal Market Committee's investigation drug for AIDS victims have been dropped. PHC administration moves on Tuesday evening the news came. SDO Mhammud Alam inspector Chandra Tiwari in areas including information sent. The drug has been recovered. The box 29 is recovered. Been using the 26's empty box. However, three is said to be partial drug. Recovered from 25 ml to 100 ml of the buffer Solusn, Kolaml Gold reagent, positive control and negative control is written. NACO on her face as well as the company is not for sale. Posted January 10, 2013 Expiry too. Here, the medical officer in charge said Dr. Cndrabhusn drugs used cans.Used in the investigation in November after the district has sent demand for these drugs. He appears to be partially moved into three compartments. In this case report is being sent to the civil surgeon. Here, the CI gave a report to the SDM.

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